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LSA 2016 - Lübeck 2016 Summer Academy on Medical Technology


IHK zu Lübeck
Dirk Hermsmeyer
Phone +49-451-6006-191

Welcome to LSA2016!

Medical Devices – How Do We Ensure Patient Safety?


It started with the so-called breast implant scandal. The founder of Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) was convicted of aggravated fraud. Four other defendants, former PIP executives or managers, were also found guilty and given jail sentences. The PIP scandal had an immense impact on the revision of the regulatory framework for medical devices in the EU in order to avoid any harm for patients and users of medical devices in future. Manufacturers, Notified Bodies and competent Authorities are directly affected by the revision and implementation of first immediate actions concerning the control of Notified Bodies and their cooperation with manufacturers. Now that the Regulation on medical devices will enter into force and will be legally binding for all manufacturers of medical devices we discuss how the new requirements may ensure and improve patient safety. During LSA2016 we collect statements from stakeholders with all relevant backgrounds and discuss the important aspect of patient safety from different perspectives in two panel discussions.


In its fifth year, LSA gathers expert speakers to shed light on and discuss regulatory affairs around medical devices. They are of utmost importance to manufacturers, dealers, and importers, as well as to developers and medical research. For those among you who are participants of the online course ‘Regulatory Affairs for Medical Technology‘ (www.oncampus.de/medizintechnik) LSA2016 provides an excellent opportunity to meet your classmates face-to-face in the ‘real world‘.


You are most cordially invited!


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